Scottish Wildlife

Fort William is the Outdoor Capital of the UK, known for both adventure sports and it’s spectacular scenery. For nature lovers too this is one of Britain’s hidden gems, on the edge of Europe’s last true wilderness.

Well-known as the home of spectacular birds of prey like ospreys and sea eagles, rarer species can be seen including Golden Eagle, Black and Red Throated divers, Scoters and Scottish Crossbills.

Near-extinct mammals such as the Scottish wild cat and pine marten are staging a recovery thanks to innovative conservation projects that help preserve this great wilderness.

Sea paddling can bring sightings of Minke, Humpback, Fin, Killer, Pilot and Sperm Whales, as well as Puffins, Eagles and seabirds, Otters frolicking in secluded bays and delightfully curious common Harbour and Grey Seals.

The diverse natural environment of our lochs and rivers is one of the reasons they are such special places to canoe and must be preserved for future generations.

Paddling is a self-powered mode of transportation that requires no fuel or excessive speeds so it is a great eco-friendly way to get out and enjoy the water.

There is no pollution to the water, no harmful damage to the shoreline and there is no threat to the ecosystem or the aquatic life. Plus it is fun and a good workout. It is a win – win situation.

In my experience, kayaking allows you to really connect with nature and ride with it in harmony.

Photo Credit

Eilidh Cameron (Instagram: eilidh_cameron)