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Why choose us…

My name is Reece and I set up River to Sea Scotland to share my passion for outdoor sports in this most beautiful corner of the British Isles.

I’ve been around boats and mountains since I can remember, so after travelling in Europe, America, Africa and Asia it was inevitable that I joined the outdoor industry in 2013.

Since then I’ve worked with leading companies in the Mediterranean and across the UK, specialising in paddle sports. As a result, I hold the highest level of leading qualifications (Advanced Leader) for Canoe and White Whiter Kayak and am fully qualified in Sea Kayak Leading and Coaching in the environments in which we will explore.

As a a former lifeboat crew member with the RNLI in Wales, safety is my top priority. River to Sea Scotland is fully insured, and I will work with my experienced and qualified team to make sure that you are well briefed to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe throughout your trip.

It is of the upmost importance to me that everyone, no matter of age or ability, gets to enjoy the amazing journeys through the wild and wonderful environments that Scotland has to offer.

While my passion for paddle sports see me pushing the limits of what these crafts can handle, I promises I will never forget my first experience on the water, and understand that gaining confidence takes time. That’s why I will work with you to make sure that everyone in your party gets the most from their experience in Scotland, and leaves with memories that will bring them back to this corner of the world.

Reece In Action